Air India Chaos: Passengers Endure Nightmare Journey

Air India Chaos: Passengers Endure Nightmare Journey

Air India Chaos: Passengers Endure Nightmare Journey

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Flyers recount harrowing experience as Lucknow to Mumbai flight faces delays, cancellation due to technical woes.

June 17, 2024

Passengers aboard Air India’s Lucknow to Mumbai flight on Friday endured a nightmarish journey marked by delays, suffocating heat, and eventual cancellation, leaving many stranded and frustrated at Lucknow Airport.

The flight, scheduled to board at 1 pm, began an hour late without adequate cooling, forcing passengers to use makeshift fans amid sweltering conditions. Initial delays were attributed to a “documentation delay,” exacerbating the discomfort.

“At 3 pm, the aircraft taxied briefly before returning to the gate due to a technical issue with the air conditioning,” recounted a passenger. “We were deboarded, only to find ourselves back at Lucknow Airport by the time we were supposed to land in Mumbai.”

As confusion mounted, Air India failed to provide clear answers or basic amenities. “There was no water or food offered,” one passenger lamented. “They claimed they didn’t have supplies and refused access to food already onboard.”

After hours of uncertainty, passengers were subjected to further delays and security checks, with some missing connecting flights. “Around 6:30 pm, without any formal announcement, a staff member informed us the flight was cancelled due to crew flying hours,” the passenger shared.

The abrupt cancellation left travelers stranded from noon until evening, with no alternative flights available due to delayed notification. “People were left clueless and distressed,” said the passenger, highlighting the lack of transparency and support from the airline.

Responding to the incident, Air India urged affected passengers to reach out for resolution, amidst mounting criticism over their handling of the situation.