Assault on Duty: Pune Police Officer Targeted in Broad Daylight

Assault on Duty: Pune Police Officer Targeted in Broad Daylight

Assault on Duty: Pune Police Officer Targeted in Broad Daylight

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Pune city witnessed a disturbing incident recently when two individuals allegedly assaulted on-duty police constables on Sinhagad road. The altercation began when Constable Rishikesh Gaikwad intervened to manage traffic at a checkpoint. According to reports, the suspects, identified as Mangesh Shivaji Phadke and Bapu Rohidas Dalvi, became agitated over being stopped and engaged in a verbal confrontation with Constable Gaikwad. The situation escalated into physical violence as they reportedly attacked him. Another officer who came to Constable Gaikwad’s aid was also assaulted by the suspects.

This incident is part of a concerning trend of violence targeting police personnel in Pune. Just weeks earlier, there was an attempt to set fire to a female police officer and another constable using petrol, highlighting ongoing safety challenges faced by law enforcement officers.

The Pune Police acted swiftly, registering a case against the alleged attackers under Sections 121(1), 132, 351(2), 351(3), and 352 of the Indian Penal Code. These sections cover offenses ranging from assaulting a public servant to obstructing their duties and causing injury.

The incident has sparked renewed discussions about the safety and respect afforded to police officers, who play a crucial role in maintaining law and order in the city. Concerns have been amplified amidst reports of increasing crime and violence in various parts of Pune, underscoring the risks faced by law enforcement officials on a daily basis.

Authorities have appealed to the public for any information that could assist in the investigation, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation in addressing such incidents. They have reassured residents of their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens and maintaining public trust in law enforcement.

As the investigation continues, Pune remains vigilant, with stakeholders advocating for measures to enhance the safety of police officers and uphold their authority in the face of rising challenges. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers inherent in police work and the need for comprehensive strategies to protect those who serve and protect the community.