Mother daughter duo meets after 2 years

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A mother daughter duo recently met after two years. It was for the first time that a mother after giving birth to a female child met her daughter. The mother could not hold her daughter as her stoma bag was attached to her abdominal wall which was removed after two years with the help of surgical intervention. Nandurbar district resident 27 year old Yogita Patil (name changed) conceived soon after her marriage. She was admitted in the hospital for delivery but soon complications arose during her delivery process. This led to complications in her Rectal area which made it difficult for her to pass motions . It became even more difficult as some fecal matter comes through her vagina. This term in medical science is called Rectovaginal Fistula. Even after repeated treatments she was not able to recover. During her treatment it was necessary to allow the fecal matter to be released out of the body. She was then recommended to Healing Hands Clinic’s Colorectal Surgeon Dr Ashwin Porwal who operated upon her and released her pain after the surgery.


While delivering the baby out of the body, the extra pressure given while pushing out the baby led to tear in pelvic area i.e vaginal space and anus. This tear was then closed after putting up sutures in it. Since, these sutures were not properly made, to push out the fecal matter, a space was created through the colon. A bag was attached to her abdominal wall (Stoma) which eased the process of fecal matter release.
A surgical intervention was needed to stop the fecal matter flow through the Vaginal area .
After three months another surgery was conducted wherein the bag attached previously was removed.


The patient underwent DLPL – Distal Ligation Proximal Laser treatment, wherein a risk driven disease Rectovaginal Fistula was stopped at the right time. The Fistula was removed through usage of German Laser technology. The patient went home within one day after the surgery. After three months, the space created temporarily for outflow of Fecal matter was stitched.- Dr Ashwin Porwal, Dr Deepak Kulkarni, Colorectal Surgeon, Healing Hands Clinic.

Dr. Deepak Kulkarni,
MBBS, D.N.B.(Gen. Surgery)
Dip. in Proctology, Endoscopist,
Proctologist & Hernia Surgeon
Healing Hands Clinic, 101/102, Girme tower,
above ICICI bank, Salunkhe Vihar road.

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