NEET Scam Exposed: Students’ Ranks Soar After Second Attempt at Obscure Centres

NEET Scam Exposed: Students' Ranks Soar After Second Attempt at Obscure Centres

NEET Scam Exposed: Students' Ranks Soar After Second Attempt at Obscure Centres

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Controversy erupts as students achieve astonishing rank jumps, raising questions about exam integrity and centre allocation.

June 26, 2024

In a startling revelation, government sources are investigating a trend where students dramatically improved their NEET scores after taking their second attempt at obscure exam centres, subsequently securing admissions to prestigious government medical colleges.

Take the case of Lata (name changed), whose rank catapulted from beyond 2 lakh to an impressive 8,000 in her second NEET attempt. Similarly, another aspirant saw their rank surge from over 10 lakh to around 13,000, granting them admission to a Mumbai government hospital.

This “second-time lucky” phenomenon has baffled academics, particularly because each student took their exams at lesser-known centres. Some chose remote villages or small towns, far from traditional coaching hubs.

Concerns heightened when a similar incident surfaced in Godhra, Gujarat, where students allegedly filled only answers they knew, leaving the rest blank. According to Gujarat police, answer sheets were later manipulated by centre staff, with coaching institutes providing the correct answers post-exam.

Questions abound regarding the integrity of NEET exam centre allocations. Parent representative Sudha Shenoy raised alarms about agents promising top ranks for a hefty fee, influencing centre placements despite claims of random computer assignments by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

Experts and counsellors emphasize the need for stringent supervision and computerized testing systems, similar to those implemented in post-graduate exams, to ensure fairness and prevent further compromises in the NEET process.

The controversy underscores broader concerns about exam integrity and the need for transparent, secure procedures to safeguard the future of medical education in India.