Pune : Kalyani Nagar residents demand encroachment free footpaths

Over 20 residents of Kalyani Nagar in Pune, mainly from Kumar Kruti and Marigold society came together took a survey of the bylanes. 
The residents found that most of the footpaths were occupied due to hawkers. 

Rachna Agarwal, chairperson, Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar shared that the tour of the area was held only to see how the area is occupied with. We have mainly vendors on footpaths who take up.most of the space mainly near the D Mart lane in Kalyani Nagar. We told the hawkers operating who were in the area to clear their wares and allow free passage. We also told the food stalls with gas cylinders about the hazard it poses. The vendors were instructed to collect garbage and sweep the area clean at all times. 

Road medians : The residents identified poorly maintained medians, trees which needed trimming, broken footpath surfaces and obstructions created by hawkers. 

Hawkers should operate during stipulated time : Hawkers were told to ensure they shut shop at the timings stipulated by the Pmc and police. 
Another resident said that the pictures that are clicked will be shared with the authorities for further action. 

Drainage chambers : Several drainage chambers were low lying and need relevelling. 

The residents also saw that many smokers add to the problems of people around by smoking in public places, mainly causing problems to asthmatic patients. 

Alcohol bottles: Liquor bottles were also seen during the walk which could be a major risk of everyone walking on the footpath. 

Renuka Suryavanshi 

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