Pune News : Clean – up service road near Warje bridge, demand residents

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Commuters traveling on the service road next to Warje bridge are facing severe health hazards due to increasing heap of garbage accumulating on the road.The piled up waste is also spreading foul smell which is further deteriorating the atmosphere in the area. 


According to passerby, the problem has been persistent for several months and despite repeated complaints, no action has been taken by the local authorities to address the issue. The garbage has been left to pile up, attracting stray animals and pests, which is adding to the already worsening situation.

The Warje Bridge Left Side at the exit of the service road, desperately needs a clean-up to protect the health and well-being of the commuters who use the area every day. 

Rishikesh Saple, a daily commuter expressed his disappointment and urged that PMC should arrange for clean up. I have called up for immediate action to be taken to resolve the issue and prevent it from becoming a bigger health hazard” 

“My fruit stall was a daily stand here but due to this garbage dump fruits are spoiling and flies have increased in the area. It is affecting our business and our health too,” said Anil Sarude, a fruit vendor, near Warje bridge.

“We will take immediate steps to clean up the area. The Pune Municipal Corporation has already sent garbage vans to collect garbage a day apart. The garbage is thrown at night time from nearby people, But we will improve the overall condition of the area soon”, assured Rajesh Gurram, Assistant Municipal Commissioner ward officer Warje-karve nagar PMC. 

Nividita Kelapure 

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