Pune News: Six teams to contest in final of The Poona Club Swimming League 2024

Pune News: Six teams to contest in final of The Poona Club Swimming League 2024

Pune News: Six teams to contest in final of The Poona Club Swimming League 2024

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Pune, June 12, 2024: Goel Ganga Real Reach, Koodo, Jets, Kings, Parmar All Stars, and ASR Dolphins entered the next round of the group league stage at the second Edition of The Poona Club Swimming League 2024, organised by Poona Club Ltd and played at their Poona Club Swimming Pool.

Goel Ganga Real Reach are top of the table after Day 2 with 224 points while Koodoo are close behind on 211 points with the Jets further behind on 199 points in the third place.

Jets (197 pts), Parmar All Stars (192 pts) and ASR Dolphins (188 pts) are the other teams in the final.

Following are the results: League round:

Under 10 (Female)Free Style(20m): 1.Sophia Baker(Jaguars,15:34sec), 2.Ira Dandekar(Amado,15:76sec), 3.Vedika Patel(Sk Flippers,18:51sec);

Under 10 (Male)Free Style(20m): 1.Rayaan Khairaz(Jaguars,20:91sec), 2.Ayaan Baker(Kings,21:09sec), 3.Vayush Ranka(Amado,21:59sec);

Under 14 (11-14 Years)  (Female)Free Style(40m): 1.Anaisha Sood(Koodo,25:54sec), 2.Tisha Rathi(Kings,27:00sec), 3.Ariana Bharucha(Amado,33:88sec);

Under 14 (11-14 Years) (Male)Freestyle(40m): 1.Dhyan Jhunjhunwala(Amado,27:66sec), 2.Darsh Sharma(Jaguars,33:81sec), 3.Arjun Mutha(Koodo,34:75sec);

Under 14(11-14 Years) (Female )Breaststroke(40m): 1.Tisha Rathi(33:79sec), 2.Anaisha Sood(Koodo,33:82sec), 3.Renea Ovlekar(Jaguars,41:28sec);

Under 17(15-17 Years) (Male)Freestyle(40m): 1.Raunak Mali(Kings,23:43sec), 2.Ranveer Bhosale(Amado,24:46sec), 3.Darien Mazda(Jaguars,27:66sec);

Under 23 (15-23 Years)  (Female)Freestyle(40m): 1.Tanushri Rathi(Koodo,27:60sec), 2.Khushie Shah(Sk Flippers,28:60sec), 3.Aaisha Khanyari(Kings,34:56sec0;

Under 33 (18-33 Years)  (Male)Freestyle(40m): 1.Krish Demla(Kings,23:10sec), 2.Divij Pinge(Jaguars,23:37sec), 3.Ahaan Bhisey(Koodo,23:75sec);

Under 23 (15-23 Years) (Female)Breaststroke(40m): 1.Khushie Shah(Sk Flippers,38:69sec), 2.Nidhi Sancheti(Koodo,49:44sec), 3.Ishita Shah(Amado,49:77sec);

Under 52 (34-52 Years) (Male)Freestyle(40m): 1.Aditya Khatod(Kings,30:34sec0, 2.Rahil Mirchandani(Amado,30:94sec), 3.Sameer Master(Koodo,32:13sec);

Above 35 (Female)     Freestyle(40m): 1.Surudha Sanghvi(Sk Flippers, 30:44sec), 2.Annepurna Rathi(Koodo,33:75sec), 3.Babita Naidu(Amado,36:53sec);

Above 54 (Male)Freestyle(20m): 1.Sanjay Jandial(Sk Flippers,13:98sec), 2.Jaywant Thorat(Jaguars,15:22sec), 3.Mahesh Guhrye(Amado,17:80sec);

Open Backstroke Female Backstroke(40m): 1.Tisha Rathi(Kings,30:63sec), 2.Khushie Shah(Sk Flippers,33:91sec), 3.Tanushri Rathi(Koodo,34:38sec);

Open Breaststroke Male Breaststroke(40m): 1.Divij Pinge(Jaguars,29:90sec), 2.Ahaan Bhisey(Koodo,31:88sec), 3.Krish Demla(Kings,32:91sec);

Open Backstroke Male Backstroke(40m): 1.Raunak Mali(Kings,29:09sec), 2.Ahaan Bhisey(Koodo,30:31sec), 3.Ranveer Bhosale(Amado,31:03sec);

Relay Female Free Style(2 X 20m & 2 X 40m): 1.Surudha Sanghvi/Khushie Shah/Yeshna Kering/Vedika Patel(Sk Flippers, 01:41:85sec), 2.Babita Naidu/Ishita Shah/Ariana Bharucha/Ira Dandekar(Amado,01:43:19sec), 3.Annepurna Rathi/Tanushri Rathi/Avanti/Anaaya Patil(Koodo,01:44:78sec)