Pune News: Tomato prices increase due to shortage in supply


Pune News: Tomato prices increase due to shortage in supply

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Tomato prices in retail markets have surpassed Rs 100 per kg for the first time in 2024 due to a reduction in supply.

26 June 2024

Pune- The price of tomatoes in retail markets has surpassed Rs 100 per kilogram for the first time in 2024 due to reduced supply in wholesale markets across the state.

Experts from the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) and traders have noted that the shortage extends to markets outside the state as well, making it unlikely for the prices to decrease immediately.

APMC officials have attributed the reduced tomato intake to high temperatures severely affecting plantations in the state. For instance, the Naryangaon wholesale market has seen a drastic decrease in tomato intake, receiving only 10,000 crates of tomatoes (20 kg each) daily, compared to over 30,000 crates in May.

Additionally, in Nashik APMC, the average wholesale price of tomatoes has risen by 36% over the past week, reaching Rs 750 per crate on June 25, compared to Rs 550 per crate on June 18. As a result, tomatoes in Nashik are now being sold for Rs 80-100 per kg, up from Rs 60 per kg last week, while in Kolhapur, prices range from Rs 75-80 per kg, and in Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, the price reached Rs 120 per kg on Tuesday.

Monsoon has played a major role. At some places it has rained in the past few weeks while many places are still awaiting good rains. The high and low volume of harvest has affected the supply in the market due to which the prices have surged.