Pune News : Tussle between builder and landlord, 150 property buyers land in trouble in Kharadi

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Over 150 property buyers who booked their flats in the Guardian Developers Guardian Eastern Meadows in Kharadi, near old Wagholi Jakat naka, (Grant Road) are struggling to get their investment back for the last 8 years. 

The buyers are in a fix as the tussle between the builder and the landlord has stretched the dream of many home buyers more than they imagined. It has been since 2015 that the builder started constructing the homes but failed to hand over the possession to as many as 150 people.

The frustrated residents approached Pune Pulse seeking help to highlight the plight of many buyers who have invested their hard-earned money in buying their dream home but are still waiting. 

Vinod Dhadi, a flat purchaser informed that the builder has not yet given the possession of the flat. “It has been five long years. We have been struggling to reap the benefits of our investment but there is no work happening at the builders’ front at the site. We approached the RERA organisation but only got one hearing which was left incomplete. Our pleas are not being heard by the builder and the landlord. Their dispute has landed us in a soup as all the flat buyers are in a very critical condition paying EMI for a not to be seen property and paying money to stay in a rented property. Phase 1 is awaiting its Occupational certificate also,” he said.  

When Pune Pulse spoke to the developer of the property Manish Sabade from Guardian Developers he stated that the issue between the builder and land owner cropped up due to which this delay has happened. “Our reconciliation with the landlord has not worked as he is adamant on agreeing on certain terms. I personally feel the pain these buyers are going through. Even at this moment the site is in the completion stage and we may hand it over within one or two months. This is with regard to some buildings,” he said.   

When Pune Pulse contacted the land owner he was not available to comment on the issue. 

S Pattanaik, another buyer informed that the builder promised a loan free scheme to buy flats and that’s when many investors were fooled. Further, the landowner took away the major chunk of the money that was collected from the owners and stopped all communication and support and started demanding the right to develop the Phase 3 of the property.

“There are more than 150 people who are affected in Phase 1 and 2 as we have paid the money but the building has not been erected yet. Phase 1 people have a building but minor work is pending which they are getting done. But due to tussles between the builder and landlord, the buyers are suffering badly,” he said.  

He further stated that they have no interest in the dispute between the landlord and the builder as they are keen to get possession of their properties. 

Swapnil Thole, another buyer, informed,”According to RERA, we were supposed to get possession for our homes last year. But that date has been missed. Many flat owners in the first phase are staying in the property. But it is the builders and landlord’s responsibility to hand over our homes on time. RERA has only given us one chance to speak till now. We are awaiting another date with them where we would like to take up the case further.” 

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