Tortoise with egg bound syndrome successfully undergoes laparoscopic surgery

Pune: In a first, a team headed by Dr Narendra Pardeshi, India’s leading Vet Surgeon from Pune Small Animal Clinic, Pune successfully performed a laparoscopic egg-bound surgery on a tortoise who suffered from egg bound syndrome for the last 6 months and couldn’t eat properly at all. The surgery was very successful and Ladoo can now eat easily without any difficulty.
Luniya family were worried as their pet Ladoo was not eating properly and looked weak and sluggish. They consulted various vets who could not offer any solution to their problem. Ladoo was finally referred to Dr Narendra Pardeshi who diagnosed him correctly and gave the right surgical treatment and saved his life.

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Dr Narendra Pardeshi, India’s leading Vet Surgeon from Pune Small Animal Clinic said, “When Ladoo came to us on 15th January, he was in terrible shape – weak, fatigued and not eating at all. A small quantity of liquids was keeping her barely alive. Her X-ray and ultrasound revealed that the star back tortoise had a persistent egg bound syndrome for the last 6 months. He was trying hard to push the eggs out but it wasn’t happening. His haemoglobin level went down. The syndrome is common among tortoises and turtles but diagnosed very rarely.”

Dr Pardeshi added, “In a typical open surgery, the tortoise’s shell has to be cut to remove egg from abdomen and recovery takes around 6-8 months. However, we did laparoscopic egg-bound surgery in which the shell was not cut and the healing was completed within 3-5 days. This was a 3rd surgery done by Dr Pardeshi of its kind surgery in India and among the first few in the entire world!”

“This is a minimally invasive surgery with minimal bleeding and very few scars. The surgery was completed in 3 hours. Ladoo was back with Luniya’s within 4 hours after the surgery.”

“Ladoo was always very playful and energetic. But this illness meant that he would just sit in one place with no movement at all. We were extremely worried and consulted various doctors but his condition didn’t improve. We are very fortunate and extremely grateful to Dr Pardeshi for promptly diagnosing and treating him. Dr gave us hope that Ladoo will be fine. Ladoo has indeed got a fresh lease of life. Ladoo is back to being playful and cheerful like before. He moves around all over the house. His eating habits are normal now”, said the elated Luniya.

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