Zomato delivery partners express satisfaction with the job’s freedom

Zomato delivery partners express satisfaction with the job's freedom

Zomato delivery partners express satisfaction with the job's freedom

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Bengaluru: Recently, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal sat down with three of the company’s delivery partners to get their feedback. The key takeaway was the freedom their job provides.

Umesha, a delivery executive from Bengaluru, told Goyal that working for Zomato makes him feel like his own boss. “If I do my work well, no one complains,” he said. “Main apna khud ka malik hun (I am my boss),” added Umesha, who previously ran his own business.

Vinish V., from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, shared similar sentiments. “I am happy,” Vinish said. “I don’t have to ask anyone for leaves. I am free. If tomorrow I don’t feel like working, I can cancel my gigs and take the day off. It’s not like this at other places.”

Jaswinder Singh from Chandigarh also noted the benefits. “Kisi ka raub nahi hai (No one bosses me around),” he said. “I work according to my will. And even if a restaurant wala has an issue, I can talk to my team leader. Our team leader is very good, he listens to us. Whenever we message or call him, he is ready with a resolution.” Goyal shared these conversations on social media, highlighting that all three have been with Zomato for around three years. “Here is a bite of them sharing their favorite thing about working as a delivery partner. Learned so many things and got their feedback on how we can improve our systems,” he wrote. This interaction comes shortly after comedian Kunal Kamra criticized Goyal about the working conditions of Zomato’s delivery partners. 

Kamra challenged Goyal to disclose the number of delivery partners and their average incomes, pointing out that while Goyal could share statistics like “kgs of biryani ordered,” he couldn’t provide details on worker conditions.