Ruhaniyat to enthrall music lovers on Feb 13 at Empress Garden

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The wait is finally over…  Ruhaniyat is all set to enthrall music aficionados in its live concert to be held in Pune at Empress Botanical Garden near Solapur road. 

Hifzur Rahman

Brain child of Mahesh Babu, the festival is among the most awaited events in India and according to the audiences it brings peace, calm and joyous serenity.

Mir Mukhtiyar Ali

Naturally the audience, the artists and curators are all eagerly waiting, rearing to go. Because it is an experience where all feel transported to another world …  to another realm, to a world of love, harmony, peace, calm, equilibrium and unity. 

Narayanji Dhongade

Ruhaniyat in Pune on Sunday, 13th Pune 2022 at Empress Botanical Garden and will feature:
INVOKING THE FEMININE FORCE – Gondhal: Narayanji Dhongade & GroupSo said the Saints of Gujarat – Hemant Chauhan & GroupKabir Chaura – Mir Mukhtiyar Ali & GroupEnchanting glimpse of the Baul world – Parvathy BaulQawwali – Hifzur Rehman & Group
The artists for other editions include groups from all across India like Hemant Chauhan, Dhadhi Jattha, Kashmiri Kalams, Avadhoot Gandhi to name a few and guest artists like Louvat brothers from Belgium, Latif Bolat from Turkey, N’Faly Kouyate from Africa among others.

Parvathy Baul