Congress Distributes Snacks and Water to Enthusiastic Warkaris during Pandharpur Waari

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In a heartwarming gesture, the Indian National Congress, Pune extended their support to the dedicated Warkaris participating in the annual Pandharpur Waari pilgrimage. 

Led by prominent Congress politicians including Rameshdada Bagwe, Shivajirao Kedari, Balasaheb Gavane, Avinash Bagwe, Sahil Shivaji Kedari, Keyur Shah, Milind Ahire, Datatray Jambhulkar, Khandelwal, Kundlik Gawli, Devdas Lonkar, Santosh Supekar, Pradeep Pardeshi, Chetan Padwal, Stanley Nathan, Yusufbhai Shaikh, Raju Naidu, Rishikesh Solanki, Ajay Jagtap, Dhruvaseth Ruparel, and President of Pune Petrol Dealers Association, the Congress party distributed essential items such as snacks, water, and more to the Warkaris in various areas of Pune.

The Pandharpur Waari is a significant pilgrimage where lakhs of devotees, known as Warkaris, embark on a spiritual journey to Pandharpur on foot to pay homage to Lord Vitthal. Understanding the immense devotion and sacrifice exhibited by these devotees, the Congress party took it upon themselves to show their respect and support. By providing nourishing snacks and refreshing water, they aimed to ensure the well-being and comfort of the Warkaris during their arduous journey.

This noble act of the Congress party showcases their commitment to serving the community and recognizing the devotion of the Warkaris. Through this gesture, they have not only provided much-needed sustenance but also demonstrated solidarity with the spiritual sentiments of the participants. The Congress party’s contribution to the Pandharpur Waari serves as a testament to their dedication towards fostering unity and compassion within society.