Fire breaks out at residence after family goes for Diwali shopping. Read to know more. 

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Hyderabad News : Fire breaks out at residence after family goes for Diwali shopping. Read to know more. 

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By: Pune Pulse

November 13, 2023

Hyderabad News : An incident occurred at a society in the Nallagandla area of Hyderabad, resulting in a tragic incident. A fire erupted in the Sarovar society due to a small circuit malfunction, causing damage to the area. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported.

As per the information provided, the accident took place while a family was away from their home, engaged in Diwali shopping, with the geyser left on in the bathroom. The short circuit was a result of the excessive electricity consumption in the society during the festive season.

The incident has gained widespread attention on social media as a video capturing the event has become viral. During the video upload, a user emphasized the importance of adhering to basic safety measures even in a luxurious society. It was revealed that the family had left their geysers running while they went out for Diwali shopping. Unfortunately, the excessive power consumption during the festival led to a sudden short circuit, resulting in the burning of two rooms in the society.

The accident’s cause has become widely popular on social media. In response to this, a user expressed, ‘These geysers should be outdated and lacking safety features. Contemporary geysers are equipped with automatic shut-off systems.’

Precautions to take care while using geysers:

  • 1) It is crucial to exercise caution when operating geysers to prevent any mishaps. Numerous incidents of explosions have occurred in the past, emphasizing the need to be mindful of certain precautions while using geysers.
  • 2) Prolonged usage of an electric geyser can cause it to overheat, potentially leading to an explosion. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid keeping the geyser running for an extended period of time.
  • 3) When the geyser is in operation, the pressure exerted on the boiler can result in leakage issues. It is essential to inspect for any signs of boiler leakage.
  • 4) Regular maintenance of the geyser every two years is essential to mitigate the risk of a short circuit occurring. Neglecting this maintenance can pose a potential hazard.
  • 5) It is advisable to always keep the geyser closed while bathing. Prior to bathing, draw hot water from the geyser and transfer it into a bucket.
  • 6) Avoid placing the geyser in direct contact with the wall; maintain a small distance between the wall and the geyser.
  • 7) When purchasing a geyser, it is essential to thoroughly inspect its rating and opt for a reputable and high-quality branded geyser. Regular maintenance and repairs are also recommended.
  • 8) The presence of an ISI symbol on the geyser is necessary. Select a geyser that has an automatic shut-off feature. Adhere to the safety instructions provided by the water heater.
  • 9) Ensure that the geyser is free from any electrical shocks. Additionally, verify if it has a pressure control mechanism.