Latest News : Pune Airport excels in terms of punctuality

Pune Pulse Latest News : Pune Airport excels in terms of punctuality

Latest News : Pune Airport excels in terms of punctuality

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Pune International Airport, despite its reputation for limited amenities, appears to be excelling in terms of flight punctuality. 

According to reports, a remarkable 86.82 percent of flights scheduled in October 2023 departed on time. The remaining 13.18 percent experienced delays ranging from 15-30 minutes.

The airport’s level of punctuality is comparable to that of highly punctual airports in the country, such as Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, which has consistently achieved an on-time performance rate of more than 88.51 percent. In contrast, airports with low punctuality, like Mumbai International Airport, fall behind.

The timeliness of flights is a crucial factor in determining the level of service, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency of an airport. According to information received, out of the 2,665 flights that took off from Pune airport in October 2023, 2,314 flights (86.8%) departed either on time or within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time. In the airline industry, a departure or arrival within 15 minutes of the designated time is considered to be punctual. During that month, 169 flights (6.3%) experienced delays of 15 to 30 minutes, while 182 flights (6.8%) were delayed by more than 30 minutes.

Despite three of the top airlines achieving an on-time performance that exceeded the 85 percent benchmark, the passenger experience at Pune Airport was negatively affected by the below-average performance of SpiceJet (68 percent), Star Air (80 percent), Air Asia (81 percent), and Alliance Air (16 percent).

At present, Pune is connected to 29 domestic and just two international destinations, primarily due to infrastructure constraints. The airport manages approximately 90 daily departures and arrivals. However, the airport’s capacity is expected to increase significantly with the opening of the new and expanded terminal building, which is set to become operational by year-end.