MSEDCL may pay more for digging roads in Pune

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MSEDCL may pay more for digging roads in Pune

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Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) will incur more expenses for road digging as a result of the municipal body’s decision to lower the discount provided to the power organisation.

Previously, the state power utility charged Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) about 25% of the total charges. For private companies, PMC charges approximately Rs 12,000 per running metre.

The revision states that MSEDCL will be exempt from paying road restoration fees at a rate of fifty percent, which is the same as all other government and semi-government agencies.

The MSEDCL currently pays approximately Rs 2,500 for each running meter. The power board will have to pay about Rs 6,000 for each running metre following the revision.

With the rising cost of restoration materials in mind, the decision was made to lower the discount rate. The standing committee has been presented with a proposal to increase the charges. A senior PMC official stated that following approval, it will start to be implemented.

According to PMC data, since the beginning of this fiscal year, MSEDCL has benefited from about 5,000 running meters of road excavation. From MSEDCL, the civic administration has received approximately Rs 1.2 crore.

According to a senior PMC official, following approval, they will send the updated charges to MSEDCL. By lowering the discount, the administration hopes to standardize road restoration costs for non-private organizations.

Shreyas Vange