Over 35,000 Health Service Workers Go on Strike

Over 35,000 Health Service Workers Go on Strike

Over 35,000 Health Service Workers Go on Strike (Image for representational purpose only)

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Since October 25, over 35,000 contract workers for the National Health Mission have been on strike in the state, calling for permanent employment.

They have been staging protests in front of the Aundh District Civil Hospital, about 3,000 of them. Eleven or so unions have joined the walkout. The strike has impacted children’s immunization and tuberculosis programs in addition to the execution of central government initiatives. There could be major ramifications for public health if this continues for a long period. The unions representing National Health Mission (NHM) employees had earlier received verbal assurances from the state health minister that their demands would be brought before the cabinet for a decision.

In an October meeting with the Health Commissioner, representatives of eleven different organizations demanded job security for NHM contract workers, citing agreements from the governments of Odisha, Manipur, Rajasthan, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Madhya Pradesh.

Shreyas Vange