PMC starts survey to investigate possible utilisation of tunnel project between Khadakwasla dam and Phursungi

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has commenced a survey to investigate the possible utilization of the space generated by the water project, which entails constructing a tunnel between Khadakwasla dam and Phursungi, as an alternative to a canal. 

The survey aims to evaluate the regions adjacent to the canal for the purposes of urban planning or commercial use. 

The PMC’s Water Supply and Pumping Department has devised a tunnel plan spanning 28 kilometres, accompanied by a detailed project report that has already received approval from the Chief Engineer and the Maharashtra State Level Technical Advisory Committee. 

The final approval for this project, estimated to cost approximately 1.5 thousand crore rupees, is currently pending at the state government level. The objective of the project is to conserve around two and a half TMC of water, and it is expected to take a minimum of three years to be fully accomplished.

The Pune Municipal Corporation and the Pune Metropolitan Area Development Authority (PMRDA) currently have jurisdiction over a space that is between 500 meters and one kilometer wide. Due to a project delay, Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar has directed the Water Resources Department to investigate the option of transferring the land to the local self-government body once the project is completed, and generating funds through them.

The Water Resources Department has suggested to the Municipal Corporation that the space be utilized for public benefit and compensated with Transferable Development Rights (TDR).

The groundbreaking initiative comprises of a tunnel shaped like the letter ‘D’ with precise measurements connecting Khadakwasla and Fursungi. This will increase the canal’s capacity to 1510 cusecs and enable efficient transportation of water through gravity, while also preventing pollution, leakage, and evaporation, ultimately resulting in the conservation of 2.5 TMC of water.

PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar emphasized the significance of the water supply project for Pune City, highlighting its ambitious nature. He emphasized that the project would contribute to the availability of water for Pune’s growing population. As a result, the municipality is strongly advocating for the implementation of the project.

A consulting company has been commissioned to conduct a survey on how the canal space created by the project can be effectively utilized. The Municipal Corporation is eagerly awaiting the report, which is expected to be delivered within the next ten to fifteen days. Once the report is received, a well-informed decision will be made.