PMC Tender for Water Maintenance in Undri, Wadachi Wadi, and Pisoli Sparks Concerns Among Residents 

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PMC Tender for Water Maintenance in Undri, Wadachi Wadi, and Pisoli Sparks Concerns Among Residents

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By: Pune Pulse

November 18, 2023

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has issued a tender recently for carrying out maintenance & other works of water supply in newly included villages like Undri, Pisoli, Wadachi Wadi etc. However, residents of the areas have questioned the move, as many villages do not have PMC water connection. As a result, they have to buy water through private water suppliers.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Sachin Ghule, Senior NCP Leader, Undri said, “The tender of water supply has been issued for newly included villages. But the names of several villages are missing from this. For several years, people in these areas such as Undri, Pisoli, Wadachi wadi have been only hearing promises about being provided with potable water supply from the PMC but in reality, nothing has happened. Let’s hope that through these tenders, the work of providing regular water supply to the newly included villages will be done. We will also keep taking regular follow-ups of this with the PMC.”

Dilip Shah, President of Undri Residents Forum said, “There is no water supply from the PMC in the newly included villages. Then why has the PMC issued this tender in the first place ? Wadachi Wadi doesn’t have a water pipeline of PMC. We do not receive PMC water supply at all. If there is no PMC water pipeline for Wadachi Wadi, what will PMC provide maintenance for ?”

Snehal Dagade, ex-Sarpanch, Pisoli said, “For the new villages which got included under the PMC, even if mentioned in their budget, the PMC hasn’t issued tenders for water supply. Even after being merged with the PMC, apart from buying water tankers, Pisoli village doesn’t get a single drop of water from the PMC. Hence, firstly PMC must provide basic infrastructure required to carry out maintenance.”

Shyamala Desai, President, National Societies for Clean Cities said, “Several people from Undri must apply for the tender themselves as, by doing this, they can monitor the PMC water supply work condition for their areas. Undri doesn’t have a water pipeline, tanks etc. Then what type of maintenance will be done by the PMC and how? Hence, the citizens have to become aware & stand up for themselves to tackle water supply & other issues too.”

The water supply tender is published on the website 

Nandkishor Jagtap, Chief Engineer, PMC Water Supply Department said, “The tenders issued are routine tenders which are about maintenance of water supply connections. Concerned people are always present to ensure maintenance & other issues. If infrastructure is to be expanded, new water connections are to be installed etc, for that, the design, estimate work etc is going on currently for areas like Undri, Pisoli etc. For the existing connections, if water problems like low pressure, no water supply etc are there, citizens can complain directly to the PMC or on PMC Care app which will be dealt with & resolved immediately.”

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