Pune : Ganga Nebula Society In Viman Nagar Holds Workshop On Making Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols

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Pune: September 11, 2023

Ganga Nebula Cooperative Housing Society located at Viman Nagar, Pune took a commendable step towards sustainability by organising a workshop on making eco- friendly Ganesh idols. 

 The event was held on Sunday, September 10th at their Club House and more than 25 kids along with their parents took part in a collective effort to promote eco consciousness and preserve our environment. The workshop was conducted under the able guidance of a resident, Malinee Rana and was supported by the Managing Committee of the Society.

 Anita Hanumante, Secretary of the society told Pune Pulse, “The workshop was held by Malini Rana, a resident of the society who is an artist. Not just the kids but even the parents were happy to participate and make their own Ganesh idols. The society has been celebrating the festival for two decades. For the last four years we have been installing eco friendly Ganesha idols.”  

Kids were captivated by the creative aspect of moulding their own idols and were taught the artistry and patience required in the whole process of making idols of their favourite Lord Ganesha. The workshop served as a catalyst for change within our housing societies.

Throughout the workshop,discussions revolved around the importance of responsible celebrations and the need for widespread adoption of eco-friendly practices. Children were left with not only eco-friendly idols but also a deeper understanding of the significance of sustainable choices.

The club house reverberated with chants of GANPATI BAPPA MORAYA by all present after the children proudly displayed their creation of eco-friendly idol of Lord Ganesha.