Pune : Massive Explosion in Purandar Based Company : three workers injured

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A huge explosion took place at Jubilant Ingrevia company in Purandar, injuring three workers of the company.

As per the Official X handle of Supriya Sule, NCP MP, “Some workers are believed to have been injured after an explosion in a compressor at the Jubilant Ingrevia company in Neera, Taluka Purandar. This incident is very sad & unfortunate. I have spoken to the District Collector Pune regarding this incident and I am in touch with the district administration. I pray to God that the injured are being treated and return home safely.”

Earlier, in March 2023, an incident of acid leakage was reported at Jubilant Ingrevia. Acetic acid leakage in Neera village caused by summer heat. Acetic acid leakage continued for 10 minutes in Neera village on March 31, 2023 at 11:30 am. The leakage was caused by damage in rubber pipes carrying acid due to a summer heat. Residents of Neera village began to panic as soon as they heard about the leakage.

Shreyas Vange