PCMC collects fine of over Rs 7.5 lakhs during inspection carried for mosquito breeding spots

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By: Pune Pulse

September 2, 2023

PUNE: The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has collected a fine of Rs 7.5 Lakhs during a screening drive in which mosquito larvae were discovered in 4,585 containers in the city. 

As per information, the PCMC Health Department has undertaken an extensive inspection of 21,96,28 households in the city to identify the source of mosquitoes and prevent the spread of diseases such as dengue and malaria starting in June 2023.

The drive was conducted from June 1 to August 31, during which 874 tyre and scrap shops, 1,052 structures, and 4,585 containers were inspected, and notices were issued to 1,073 of them. Domestic and commercial properties where mosquitoes were found were fined Rs 8,82,500, with domestic establishments being fined Rs 1,000, commercial establishments Rs 2,000, and malls, hospitals, and under-construction buildings Rs 10,000.

The city’s increasing urbanization has led to a rise in air and water pollution, exacerbating the spread of diseases. Dengue mosquitoes have been found not only in residential areas but also in vases, trays behind refrigerators, pots, hospitals, construction sites, and government offices. Health Executive Officer Ganesh Deshpande has issued notices to all of these establishments.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Yashwant Dange, Assistant Commissioner, PCMC, added, ‘We have taken action wherever we found mosquito larvae. Containers were emptied, household inspections were done, and under-construction sites were checked. Later, notices were issued to people wherever larvae were found in the surrounding area, and fines were levied. We urge people to take precautions so that water doesn’t accumulate in the surrounding area.”

 Madhupriya Dhanwate