Pune News : PCMC Cracks Down on 539 Mosquito Breeding Sites, Issues Notices to Establishments

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The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation has ramped up its efforts to combat the issue of mosquito breeding sites by issuing notices to industrial and construction establishments. The initiative encompasses all types of establishments, including offices, households, homes, and commercial shops within the area. Commissioner Shekhar Singh has sternly warned that strict action will be taken if existing breeding sites are not promptly eliminated.

To ensure the effectiveness of this campaign, the Municipal Corporation has placed particular emphasis on inspecting areas with ongoing construction activities. Notices are being issued, and penalties are being imposed on establishments found to have mosquito breeding sites. The Health Department has identified 288 permanent and 539 temporary breeding sites during inspections conducted in June and July.

The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation has augmented its manpower and appointed dedicated teams to inspect eight wards regularly. In June and July, over one lakh residential and commercial establishments, including construction sites, were inspected. The Health Department has taken swift action, destroying breeding sites and executing notices for 287 establishments within the city limits. In cases where mosquito breeding sites persisted during these two months, fines amounting to 57 thousand rupees have been imposed on eight establishments.

Commissioner Shekhar Singh stressed the importance of preventive measures for dengue control and the urgent need to prioritize the elimination of mosquito breeding sites. The Municipal Corporation has launched a comprehensive campaign, deploying specialized teams on a ward-wise basis for inspections and enforcement. Citizens are urged to cooperate with municipal inspection teams and promptly destroy any mosquito breeding places discovered. Active citizen participation in this campaign is vital to prevent the spread of insect-borne diseases.

Yashwant Dange, Assistant Commissioner of the Health Department, highlighted the Municipal Corporation’s proactive measures to prevent dengue outbreaks. Meetings have been conducted with regional authorities, and instructions have been issued to intensify the campaign through ward-level inspections. Citizens are encouraged to regularly check potential breeding sites within their homes, such as flower pots, money plants, and fridge drip pans, as mosquitoes can breed even in containers filled with clean water.

The Municipal Corporation has made rapid dengue testing kits available in hospitals and clinics to facilitate early detection. Additionally, citizens are encouraged to use guppy fish in clean water to control pests. The Municipal Corporation is committed to preventing the spread of diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria within the municipal area during the monsoon season, and the health medical officer, Dr. Laxman Gofane, affirms the effective implementation of this campaign.