Pune News : Shivam Premiere League turns 11 

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What started as an experiment to build an avenue to build healthy bonding among the society members, the SHIVAM PREMIER LEAGUE, SPL as it is known popularly, has entered into its 11th edition this year. The event is awaited throughout the year and has been promoting a culture of sports and sportsmanship in society. 

This year the SPL Format is planned on a grader scale with 3 Pre League teams and 7 Pro league teams. Each team is owned by a team owner, who come from various entrepreneurship and industry background.

As the 11th SPL edition milestone is an achievement in itself, the tournament has been made pompous with a full blown player auction event, was held at the newly built Shivam Club House on 19 March 2023. The event came to life at 5:30pm IST with the National Anthem followed by a facilitation of 7 Pro League and 3 Pre League Team Owners who were presented with Team Shields. 

Pune Pulse, a leading English Newsportal is the media partner for the event. 

Team Mentor auction, followed next, brought the entire audience on their feet. This year the team mentors got sold to owners between Rs 9 to Rs 15 lakhs. 

Team Owners formed their strategies along with respective Team Mentors to bid for players with the allocated kitty budget of Rs 50 lakhs per team. The players were bought for price as high as 21 lakhs. The exciting players auction event was completed with lot of excitement, followed by snacks and beverages for all participants. 

The SPL stage is now set for a fierce preparation and friendly battle between the teams. The championship slated to begin from 14th April onwards. 

Stay tuned for further updates in coming weeks.

*Disclaimer:* No real money was used during player auctions

SPL YouTube Channel Name: https://youtube.com/@shivamchspsaudagar5653