Pune: PMC Mandates Annual Structural Audits For Hoardings After Wagholi Incident

Pune: PMC Mandates Annual Structural Audits For Hoardings After Wagholi Incident

Pune: PMC Mandates Annual Structural Audits For Hoardings After Wagholi Incident( Representational Image )

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Following a recent incident in Wagholi where a hoarding collapsed due to unseasonal rain and strong winds, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has taken proactive measures to enhance safety standards for hoardings within the city limits. In response to the incident, which fortunately did not result in any casualties, the PMC has ordered a comprehensive structural audit of all hoardings to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Addressing the media, additional commissioner Prithviraj B P emphasized the importance of ensuring the structural integrity of hoardings to safeguard public safety. He stated, “We have directed all hoarding agencies to conduct structural audits and submit stability certificates. Strict measures will be taken against those who fail to comply with these directives.”

Within the PMC limits, encompassing 34 merged villages, there are currently 2,418 authorized hoardings. The PMC issues licenses for hoardings every three years, with provisions now in place for annual structural audits to be conducted and reports submitted regularly.

The recent incident in Wagholi prompted swift action from the PMC sky sign licensing department, which now mandates structural audits for all permitted hoardings, especially those deemed hazardous or causing traffic obstructions. While hoarding professionals are responsible for ensuring the safety of official hoardings, there has been a lack of follow-up to verify compliance. As a result, additional commissioner Prithviraj B P will personally inspect select hoardings and submit a comprehensive report.

Moving forward, hoardings permitted by the PMC will undergo annual structural audits, replacing the previous biennial audits. This decision comes in the wake of a tragic incident two years ago when an advertisement hoarding collapse in Mangalwar Peth claimed four lives. The incident raised significant concerns about the safety of hoardings in the city, prompting the municipal administration to implement various safety measures.

In addition to reducing the height of hoardings from the ground level, the administration has prioritized regular structural audits to mitigate risks and ensure public safety. The mandatory annual audits aim to prevent accidents and uphold the highest safety standards for residents and visitors in Pune.