Pune : Suspected Bullet-Like Object Discovered Near Bopdev Ghat College Hostel : Probe On

Pune Pulse
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Pune, August 27, 2023: An incident involving the discovery of an object resembling a bullet has ignited concerns at K J College of Engineering and Management Research, situated near Bopdev Ghat in the city. The incident unfolded on a Saturday, raising alarms due to the proximity of the college’s girls’ and boys’ hostels to the location where the suspicious object was found.

As per local authorities, the sequence of events began when an employee of a furniture company was in the area to deliver a bed to a customer. During his activities, he stumbled upon an object bearing a resemblance to a bullet. Apprehension grew, prompting the individual to promptly notify the local police. Responding without delay, the local law enforcement dispatched personnel to the scene. Simultaneously, recognizing the potential gravity of the situation, officials from the Anti-Terrorism Squad were swiftly mobilized to join the investigation.

Efforts were undertaken by both teams to ascertain the nature of the object, particularly whether it was indeed an authentic bullet. Despite their diligent examination, definitive confirmation could not be reached. Consequently, the object was subsequently handed over to pertinent experts for further scrutiny and analysis.

The police force, in conjunction with the Anti-Terrorism Squad, remains dedicated to uncovering the truth behind this discovery. Alongside the main inquiry, investigators are also exploring the possibility of the object being related to an air gun projectile. Queries directed towards the college administration revealed that no incidents of conflict or altercations had been reported within the college premises. Initial investigations conducted by the police yielded no overtly suspicious findings. Nonetheless, the inquiry is ongoing, with law enforcement committed to unearthing additional details and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the matter.

This incident serves as a reminder of the vigilance required in safeguarding public spaces and institutions. The collaborative efforts of the police, the Anti-Terrorism Squad, and the concerned college administration underscore the importance of prompt response and meticulous investigation, even in scenarios that might initially appear innocuous. As the inquiry continues, the aim remains to ascertain the true nature of the object and provide assurance to the community that appropriate measures are being taken to ensure their safety.