Pune : Woman dies after falling from 19th floor of building in Mohamadwadi

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In a tragic incident today afternoon, a maid working at the 19th floor of a house in T 9 tower of Raheja Premiere society in Mohamadwadi slipped from her terrace and fell down and passed away. The incident took place approximately at 1 PM today.

A resident of the society on the condition of anonymity informed that the maid was working for this family for past 7 odd years. They were in another society and had recently shifted to the 19th Floor of T9.

There is CCTV of her entering the flat but nothing thereafter which the society is now checking.

He further stated that there is some speculation in the staff of Raheja as there is a parapit outside the balcony and if anyone slips there is a chance he/she can be saved but still this fall hapenned.

The resident further informed that the flat was closed when the staff went to open it after hearing about the fall but there was no response and the staff could only hear noise of the barking dog. The family was out for a religious programme which is a regular affair.

The maids mother / brother family
members had come and they have been asked to go to sassoon hospital for further process.

The exact cause of the death is not known yet. The residents of the society are seeking help from the police to investigate in the matter.