Bramha Suncity residents fear of stray dogs being released in premises

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Pune: Residents of Bramha Suncity, a housing society in Pune’s Vadgaon sheri area are living in constant fear as around 80 stray dogs have taken over the public areas of the society, causing damage and disruption to the daily lives of its residents. Although Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had caught the dogs and taken them away, PMC has announced that the dogs will be relocated to their original place. Opposing the move, the society residents have shot a video explaining their opposition.

The residents in the video said that the dogs have developed an aggressive mentality, barking, chasing, and even biting residents who venture outside. The issue has become a major concern for the society’s children, senior citizens, and women, who find it difficult to move around safely.

“The dogs are very scary,” said a child resident of Bramha Suncity. Another kid said, “When we step out of the building, we see like 50 dogs sitting there, barking and howling, and then they start chasing us.

The situation has become so severe that the dogs have occupied all public areas of the society, including walkways and parking areas, and also sit on car roofs causing damage. Two-wheelers’ seats have also been damaged due to the dogs sitting on them.

“We have not received any official notification from the PMC but have read through the news that the dogs will be reintroduced in our society. Therefore, requesting the authorities about how the atmosphere becomes fearful, we made the video,” said Sumit Karnik of Bramha City.

The residents of Bramha Suncity are now appealing to the authorities to take action against the stray dogs and to provide a safe environment for them to live in. The society is urging the authorities to sterilize the dogs and to create a shelter for them to avoid such incidents.