Celebrate Diwali with green crackers ; Know how to identify them

Celebrate Diwali with green crackers ; Know how to identify them - Pune Pulse

Celebrate Diwali with green crackers ; Know how to identify them - Pune Pulse

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By: Pune Pulse

November 4, 2023

Pune : The upcoming festival of Diwali, known as the festival of lights and joy, is approaching and individuals are already engrossed in their preparations, ranging from tidying their residences to purchasing new garments. Diwali, a significant Hindu festival, is commemorated with immense grandeur and enthusiasm throughout India.

This year, the festival of lights will be observed with great excitement and devotion on Sunday, November 12. This occasion symbolizes the victory of illumination over darkness, optimism over despair, and virtue over malevolence.

In addition to adorning homes with lights and traditional lamps, creating intricate patterns known as rangolis, donning fresh attire, and engaging in religious rituals, the festivities of Diwali also encompass the use of fireworks and firecrackers.

It is crucial to take into account the impact on the environment when it comes to lighting crackers, especially with the rising concerns about pollution and the detrimental effects of traditional crackers. Although it may be enjoyable, many locations are now advocating for eco-friendly and noiseless Diwali festivities to mitigate air and noise pollution. Alternatively, if one still desires to ignite crackers, opting for green and eco-friendly options is a viable solution.

Green crackers, as defined by CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR NEERI), are firecrackers that have a smaller shell and do not contain ash or additives like dust suppressants.

These modifications are aimed at reducing emissions, particularly particulate matter. Unlike traditional firecrackers, green crackers do not contain barium compounds, which are responsible for their distinctive green color. Barium, being a metal oxide, contributes to air pollution and noise. When green crackers are burned, they produce water vapor, which helps minimize dust emissions.

In terms of noise levels, green firecrackers generate sounds ranging from 110 to 125 decibels, whereas conventional firecrackers produce sounds around 160 decibels. This makes green crackers approximately 30 percent less noisy than their conventional counterparts.

Green crackers can be distinguished by the CSIR-NEERI and PESO logos in a distinct shade of green, along with a Quick Response (QR) code. Additionally, there exist three classifications of green crackers:

1. SWAS (Safe Water Releaser): These crackers release water vapor into the atmosphere, effectively minimizing dust. They emit 30% less particulate matter and are free from sulphur and potassium nitrate. 2.

2. STAR (Safe Thermite Cracker): These crackers do not contain potassium nitrate or sulphur, resulting in reduced emission of particulate matter and lower sound intensity.

3. SAFAL: These crackers utilize minimal amounts of aluminum and incorporate more magnesium. As a result, they generate less noise compared to traditional firecrackers.