Google launches new domain .ing; Check details

Google launches new domain .ing; Check details

Google launches new domain .ing; Check details

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By: Pune Pulse

November 4, 2023

Pune: The complexity of the internet surpasses the perception of the majority, as it conceals a remarkable infrastructure behind every website. The Google Registry, also recognized as Charleston Road Registry and owned by Google, has unveiled the introduction of its newest top-level domain .ing.

The new domain registrations have already commenced, however, individuals who register early will be required to make a significant financial investment in order to obtain early access to the new suffix. In view of the introduction of these new domains, Google has collaborated with a select group of companies to showcase innovative methods of registering names. Canva has successfully registered and, whereas Adobe has included and in its roster for Acrobat.

Throughout the month of November and part of December, Google has implemented an Early Access Period (EAP), enabling customers to secure their desired domain by paying a one-time fee exceeding 1 million dollars. The pricing structure for the EAP fees has been disclosed by the company 101domain, commencing at 1.1 million dollars in the initial week and gradually decreasing on a weekly basis to 340,000, 115,000, 35,000, and 11,999 dollars.

Subsequently, daily reductions will be applied, further reducing the fee to $3,599, $1,299, $399, $379, $169, and $149. The availability of domains to the general public, without the exorbitant fee, will commence on December 5 although it is possible that some of the most popular domains may have already been sold by that time.