Concerns rise among Undri residents as they face daily traffic challenges

Concerns rise among Undri residents as they face daily traffic challenges - Pune Pulse

Concerns rise among Undri residents as they face daily traffic challenges - Pune Pulse

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By; Pune Pulse

November 4, 2023

Pune: Several residents & commuters plying on the road from Kad Chowk to Anisha Global School have to face traffic-related issues daily as the road is a steep slope & many vehicles are parked there haphazardly.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Durga Krishnamurthy, a resident of Nyati Ethos, Undri said, “A road from Kad Chowk goes up towards Anisha Global School. As soon as you cross Kad Chowk & enter that lane, there is an online grocery godown. All the delivery persons, coming to pick up the groceries for delivery, haphazardly park their vehicles. I have spoken with the godown people to regulate this & they say that they have told the delivery persons. But still, the delivery persons park their vehicles any way they want. Also, there is a big tree in the middle of the road. Under it is a big shadow, where they park the vehicles. I have told them to park the vehicles on the opposite sides of the road, but they chose to ignore it. They pretend as if nothing has happened. When someone is commuting towards Anisha Global School, if the drivers of the vehicles park under the big tree and start getting out of there, they drive on the wrong side of the road. This is at the foothills of the slope.”

Durga further added, “The second issue is of Anisha Global School. At 11 to 11:30 a.m. when kids of the smaller classes of the school disburse, all parents come & park vehicles in any manner on that road. Being a steep slope, it becomes very difficult to commute. Congestions happen over there. The school’s security guard doesn’t know how to manage the traffic. Being on a slope, if a manual gear car stops on the slope & someone is not well versed at handling it, a series of collisions will take place as there are chances that the vehicle will roll back and it will keep going on like this. Hence, something concrete must be done about this.”

Sunil Koloti, a resident of Nyati Windchimes, Undri said, “The slope is already made in such a manner that it can’t be reduced or broadened etc. Nearby the slope, a food kitchen is there which has already started. Food delivery persons come there to collect the food & they park their vehicles in any way they want to which plays a role in traffic congestions. The parking part must be regulated by the food kitchen owners which is not being done. There are some electrical poles which need to be shifted immediately. Parents, coming to receive their wards at Anisha Global School, park their vehicles haphazardly, leading to traffic congestion. Already it’s a steep slope & plus this happens. So, the schools must manage this effectively & soon by creating parking spaces in their compounds only for parents or any other solution so that these things would be avoided completely.”

Kaustubh Sharma, a resident of Nyati Evara, Undri said, “I travel on the road daily. Mainly, the problem starts happening from the Caelum School side as parking is done haphazardly. When school timing ends, the vehicles are parked haphazardly with no person from the school to keep a check on them. Despite being on a steep level, guards of Anisha Global School somewhat manage the traffic of their vehicles, parents’ vehicles etc. When you go down on the slope, a garage is there. The garage person parks his vehicle on the road space. This is the main reason for traffic issues. The school doesn’t allow parking inside the premises for the parents. Hence, vehicles of the parents are parked on the road. Thus, both the schools & the garage persons must be issued letters etc to stop this permanently.”

An official of Anisha Global School, Undri, requesting anonymity said, “The slope is very steep. Hence, it is very difficult to stand in a still position with the handbrakes on. It is very difficult to drive. The school is located exactly where the slope ends & it’s a sharp right. The school has extended the gate to make the entering space bigger so that 1 vehicle can go out & 1 vehicle can enter at the same time. The main issue is on the steep road as vehicles remain parked haphazardly. The road is entirely getting packed due to all the traffic issues. However, there is no concrete solution as it is a slope. Currently, the school is having exams. So, this traffic-related issue is happening more as all students enter & leave the school at the same time. Still, we are leaving preschool students at 11:30 a.m. so approximately 130 parents/children will be left one hour early. However, another school called Caelum, which is located nearby has its traffic of parents/children as well. So, we can’t curtail or manage their traffic. What we can do to the maximum is stagger the timings of coming in & going out. We can’t do anything more. The school is also growing as more students will be admitted & join the school. The traffic will also increase. So, we expect the parents to co-operate with this only during exam time. They can wait down on the slope for the traffic to get less & then they can drive upwards. Our support staff, security, everyone is there to help out & manage the traffic part just outside the school.”

Balaji Salunkhe, a Traffic Police Official, in Handewadi, said, “We have wardens at Kad Nagar Chowk but there can’t be any wardens on the slope in that part. Our men have been deployed at the chowks to decongest the road.”

Shreyas Vange