Central Railway decides to resume services on Neral – Matheran line from today; Check details here

Central Railway decides to resume services on Neral - Matheran line from today; Check details here

Central Railway decides to resume services on Neral - Matheran line from today; Check details here - Pune Pulse

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The renowned Matheran mini train, situated near Mumbai, has resumed operations starting today, November 4. With a history spanning over a century, the Neral-Matheran train service stands as one of India’s few mountain railways.

Spanning a distance of 21 kilometers, the narrow gauge track of Neral-Matheran traverses the scenic ghat region of this hill station, located approximately 100 kilometers away from Mumbai. The Central Railway (CR) zone is responsible for the management and operation of these services. Previously, the toy train had been partially closed since mid-June, only operating on the Aman Lodge-Matheran route.

CR officials have made the decision to commence operations on the Neral-Matheran narrow gauge line starting from November 4. A total of four services will be operated on this route, with the initial train departing from Neral at 8.50am and the final train departing from Matheran at 4pm.

Neral to Matheran Down train services:-

  • 52103 Neral Dep. 08.50 hrs Matheran Arr. 11.30 hrs
  • 52105 Neral Dep. 10.25 hrs Matheran Arr. 13.05 hrs

Matheran to Neral train services:-

  • 52104 Matheran Dep. 14.45 hrs Neral Arr. 17.30 hrs
  • 52106 Matheran Dep. 16.00 hrs Neral Arr. 18.40 hrs

52103/52104 will run with 6 coaches which will have 3 second class, 1 Vistadome coach and 2 second class luggage vans.

The train number 52105/52107 will run with six coaches which will have 3 second class, o­ne first class coach and 2 second class cum luggage vans.

Aman Lodge–Matheran–Aman Lodge Shuttle Services

The zonal railways have also revised the timings of Aman Lodge–Matheran–Aman Lodge Shuttle Services. A look at timings of Shuttle services:Matheran – Aman Lodge shuttle services (Daily)

  • 52154 Matheran Dep. 08.20 hrs Aman Lodge Arr. 08.38 hrs
  • 52156 Matheran Dep. 09.10 hrs Aman Lodge Arr. 09.28 hrs
  • 52158 Matheran Dep. 11.35 hrs Aman Lodge Arr. 11.53 hrs
  • 52160 Matheran Dep. 14.00 hrs Aman Lodge Arr. 14.18 hrs
  • 52162 Matheran Dep. 15.15 hrs Aman Lodge Arr. 15.33 hrs
  • 52164 Matheran Dep. 17.20 hrs Aman Lodge Arr. 17.38 hrs

(On Saturday/Sunday)

  • Special-2 Matheran Dep. 10.05 hrs Aman Lodge Arr. 10.23 hrs.
  • Special-4 Matheran Dep. 13.10 hrs Aman Lodge Arr. 13.28 hrs

Aman Lodge – Matheran shuttle services (Daily)

  • 52153 Aman Lodge Dep. 08.45 hrs Matheran Arr. 09.03 hrs
  • 52155 Aman Lodge Dep. 09.35 hrs Matheran Arr. 09.53 hrs
  • 52157 Aman Lodge Dep. 12.00 hrs Matheran Arr. 12.18 hrs
  • 52159 Aman Lodge Dep. 14.25 hrs Matheran Arr. 14.43 hrs
  • 52161 Aman Lodge Dep. 15.40 hrs Matheran Arr. 15.58 hrs
  • 52163 Aman Lodge Dep. 17.45 hrs Matheran Arr. 18.03 hrs

(On Saturday/Sunday)

  • Special-1 Aman Lodge Dep. 10.30 hrs Matheran Arr. 10.48 hrs
  • Special-3 Aman Lodge Dep. 13.35 hrs Matheran Arr. 13.53 hrs