Explore the Uniqueness: 8 Women Guides For Your Solo Trips

Explore the Uniqueness: 8 Women Guides For Your Solo Trips

Explore the Uniqueness: 8 Women Guides For Your Solo Trips

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Travelling alone has been the most fascinating experience that women have always admired. Here are a couple of women travellers who guide you to have the safest yet, joyful experience for solo travelling. 

July 4, 2024, 

“Jobs fill your pockets but adventures fill your soul” Jamie Beatty accurately said. The serenity and exploring the wild can be the signs of inner peace and self-healing, self-loving and care. 

Adventures teach us a lot about ourselves providing the opportunity to self-reflect, pause, and recognize ourselves while exploring the world around us. Every path we walk can change the way we think and believe about the choices we make in life. Travelling is not only walking or trekking miles away, it symbolizes the need to forget the world and focus on loving ourselves, reflecting and accepting the denials, admiring the opportunities, expressing gratitude, and staying humble all the time no matter what you have discovered or achieved.

To set back is to not give a shot to solo trips due to safety concerns. But if you are up for it, here are some of the coolest international destinations you can enjoy as guided by some elite women travellers. 

  1. Norway– A 43-year-old travel blogger has been travelling for about 10 years and her top recommendation is Norway. The politeness and generosity of Norwegians allow you to feel welcome in this country. It is positively rated as a low crime rate country which ensures your safety. You can go hiking almost anywhere and everywhere. Language barrier is not an issue because people at cultural landmarks speak in English and there are tour guides that will help you out. Solo gender hotels like HI Bergen Hostel Montana are available for you. 

2. Another traveller highlights visiting Bali and at least once in your lifetime. Many solo travellers go there and enjoy the temples, beaches, waterfalls, and much more. Like Norway, Bali also has solo-gender hostels and resorts for you. 

3. Another recommendation is Vietnam for its tourist-friendly locations, friendly locals, and affordable stay and transport options. Vietnam is easy to tackle when if you are travelling solo. 

4. Philippines- An entrepreneur and travel blogger insists on visiting the Philippines for solo travelling. The country is made up of over 7,000 islands. She recommended sticking to a few islands and then exploring the region. Visit the city of Manila to enjoy karaoke, night markets, etc. 

5. Tamil Nadu and Puducherry – Tamil Nadu can be an overwhelming place to visit and enjoy exploring the temples, buying Kanjivaram and eating popular Tamil food. Pondecherry is known for its architecture which has a unique French influence owing to its history as a French settlement. Again, it has beautiful hostels, and hotels exclusive for women. Mangalore, too, is an easy spot for solo travel. From there, you can go to the heritage town, Hampi. Backpacker hostels and budget-friendly accommodation is available in each of the above-mentioned spots.

6. Karnataka– Another traveller said, “When I went to Shaka Surf Club in Kodi Bengare, I couldn’t believe that there was this village within which there was a whole new world of people with fascinating stories to tell. The place opened my mind to new people and ways of living”. Karnataka is one of the coolest places to connect, meet new people, and learn new things.

7. Rann, Gujrat– Yet another travel blogger said, “ Ahmedabad is the perfect place to begin where you can visit the historical Gandhi Ashram and the serene Sabarmati riverfront while enjoying a classic Gujarati thali. For history enthusiasts, the Harappan port town of Lothal is just a one-hour drive from the capital.”

8. Other magnificent places to visit are Himachal Pradesh, Gurez Valley, Kashmir, and Greece as recommended by Kavitha Ananthan, Richa Tiwari, and Niviya Vyas who are pro-travelers and bloggers.