Exploring India’s Ancient Stepwells: A Journey Through Art In Pune 

Exploring India's Ancient Stepwells: A Journey Through Art In Pune

Exploring India's Ancient Stepwells: A Journey Through Art In Pune

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An upcoming exhibition in Pune promises to shed new light on India’s ancient stepwells, showcasing their architectural grandeur and crucial role in water conservation amidst climate challenges. Renowned artist Rashmi Ghosh, a former chartered accountant, traces her fascination with these structures to a pivotal visit to Naktya Raviyachi Vihar in Karad back in 2022.

Ghosh’s journey into the world of stepwells deepened after a transformative session with Canadian artist Drew Harris, inspiring her to explore over 40 stepwells across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Andhra Pradesh. Her art, evolving from figurative drawings to a profound study of stepwells, captures their intricate fractal geometry and cultural motifs. These structures not only reflect the water tables of their time but also feature remarkable sculptures and diverse architectural styles developed over centuries.

Her solo exhibition, titled ‘Mapping Stepwells: A Visual Narrative’, curated by Nalini Malaviya and hosted by IGA Galleria, will take place at Monalisa Kalagram in Koregaon Park from June 21-30. The exhibition aims to raise awareness about these visually stunning yet utilitarian marvels, inviting viewers into a world where art meets history and environmental significance.

Ghosh’s art invites viewers to appreciate the aesthetic and functional aspects of stepwells, highlighting their importance in sustainable water management. Each artwork in the exhibition serves as a testament to the ingenuity of ancient architects and the enduring relevance of these structures today.

Visitors can expect to be immersed in a visual journey that celebrates India’s cultural heritage while addressing contemporary challenges like water scarcity and climate change. Ghosh’s meticulous exploration promises to offer a fresh perspective on these ancient marvels, making the exhibition a must-see for art enthusiasts and history buffs alike.