International Yoga Day Celebrated in Wanowrie

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Ruby Hall Clinic in Wanowrie celebrated International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm. More than 40 yoga enthusiasts participated in the event, which was led by Dr. Munira Sabuwala, an esteemed master in Yoga Therapy. The program was attended by Dr. Madan Dang, the COO of Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowrie, Renuka Suryavanshi, Editor of Pune Pulse, and Dr. Munira Sabuwala herself.

In addition to yoga, the event also featured a session highlighting the different types of physiotherapy services offered at the clinic. Participants were able to learn about the various techniques and benefits of physiotherapy, further promoting overall well-being.

The celebration of International Yoga Day at Ruby Hall Clinic was a testament to the importance of yoga and its positive impact on health and wellness. The event provided a platform for yoga enthusiasts to come together, learn, and practice yoga under the guidance of an experienced professional, fostering a sense of unity and promoting a healthy lifestyle.