Kaspate Vasti Senior Citizens Association celebrates eighth anniversary

The eighth anniversary celebration of Kaspate Vasti Senior Citizens Association, Wakad was celebrated on 3 April, 2022 recently. The president of the Association Arun Kaspate, organizer of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vyankatrao Thorat and MLA Laxman Jagtap’s brother Vijayrao Jagtap were present as the chief guest.

Dr. Vinod Shah, the owner of Janseva Foundation and Dr. Abhijit Sonawane, a young activist of Soham Trust who encouraged the beggars to live with dignity were present.

Dr. Shah said, “In order for the elderly people to live and lead a dignified life, the foundation of the family system must be strengthened and the obligation to respect the elders should be inculcated in the children from an early age.”

The audience was moved by the experience of Abhijit Sonawane about the beggars. 

Justifying the event, the organizers also felicitated the very senior ones aged 75 and above. 

The special feature of this program was the entertainment program which was presented by the members of the team. 

Mukund Damakle, Vice President of the Sangh, appreciated the contribution made by all the members. The program was hosted by Snehal Damle.

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