Katraj zoo sets up water sprinklers, jumbo fans to keep animals cool

Jigar Hindocha
Pune city which witnessed the hottest day of the year so far on April 6 with a temperature of 40.1 degrees Celsius, has put the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and Wildlife Research Centre located in Katraj on alert to step up its arrangements needed to keep the animals cool. 

The zoo was reopened on March 20, after being shut for almost two years due to the pandemic.

“ To keep the zoo atmosphere cooler, we have placed additional sprinklers and fans in exhibit areas. Air coolers, foggers, sprinklers and a jumbo fan is in place and our team will make sure that none of the animals suffers due to heat. There are water pools for elephants, ponds for other big animals and also sprinklers for herbivorous animals,” said Rajkumar Jadhav, director, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and Wildlife Research Centre.

According to the zoo’s official, the park houses 420 animals of 63 different species including eight tigers, leopards, and a giant squirrel. The Katraj zoo is spread across 130 acres and is divided into three areas- an animal orphanage, a snake park and a zoo overlooking a lake spanning 42 acres.

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