‘Kutta Pagal Ho Gaya Hai’: Website of Jaipur Municipal Corporation Goes Viral for Hilarious Hinglish

'Kutta Pagal Ho Gaya Hai': Website of Jaipur Municipal Corporation Goes Viral for Hilarious Hinglish

'Kutta Pagal Ho Gaya Hai': Website of Jaipur Municipal Corporation Goes Viral for Hilarious Hinglish

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Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s Complaint Portal Gains Attention for Its Humorous and User-Friendly Hinglish Options

The Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) has become the talk of the internet due to its unique approach to handling complaints, featuring humorous Hinglish options that have left netizens in splits. The JMC’s website, aimed at addressing the common issue of stray dogs and other civic problems in Rajasthan, has gained widespread attention for its relatable and easy-to-understand language.

Filing a complaint about civic issues in Jaipur has traditionally been a daunting task, often complicated by formal and archaic language. However, the JMC seems to have cracked the code by listing specific and straightforward options for complainants, making the process more user-friendly.

For those planning to file a complaint with Jaipur Nagar Nigam, here’s a heads-up on what to expect. The website offers preset options that many internet users find simpler and more relevant. These options represent a significant departure from the typical bureaucratic language found on government platforms.

Some of the preset options available on the JMC complaint portal include:

• Kutte bohat ho gaye hain (There are too many dogs)”

• “Kutta pagal ho gaya hai pakadwana hai (Dog has gone mad, needs to be caught)”

• “Nali ki safai karani hai (Sewer needs to be cleaned)”

• “Billi mar gayi hai (Cat has died)

These options are listed in the sub-category section of the complaint portal of Jaipur Municipal Corporation – Greater. 

Soon after the social media users discovered these changes to the site, these options received some positive and mostly hilarious responses from the netizens.

Many internet users found the options easier to use to register relevant complaints, as they are a departure from the formal and often archaic language used on government platforms.

“khali plot par kachra para hua hai (garbage on empty plot)”, “road par ganda paani beh raha hai (dirty water on the road)” and “bandar mar gaya hai (monkey has died)” are some other preset options in the sub-category sections.

To file a complaint, users need to select the complaint category first. Then, they choose a sub-category, which contains the preset options mentioned above. Written in Hindi, these presets cover various civic issues such as cleanliness, garbage disposal, and stray dog menace.

Residents of Jaipur frequently report incidents related to stray dogs, and the JMC’s innovative approach to complaint registration has made the process more accessible and engaging.

After the complaint options went viral on social media, sparking amusement and criticism, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation quickly took notice and made necessary corrections. The website has since been updated to provide a more professional and formal set of options while still aiming to maintain accessibility for users