Maharashtra Introduces Stricter Rules for OLA and Uber Drivers Regarding Ride Cancellations

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Commuters in Maharashtra have long grappled with the vexing issues of delayed rides and unpredictable cancellations by cab aggregators. However, the state government has taken decisive steps to address these concerns.

In April 2023, a committee appointed by the government in response to a barrage of customer complaints, both on social media and through official channels, is preparing to unveil a series of recommendations aimed at improving the ride-hailing experience for passengers.

One of the most significant proposals put forth by this committee is the introduction of a penalty system for drivers who cancel rides.

Under this proposed rule, passengers will receive a refund of 50 to 75 rupees every time a driver cancels their ride, aligning with the existing cancellation fee charged to passengers when they cancel. This move is expected to discourage arbitrary cancellations by drivers and promote accountability within the ride-hailing industry.

In addition to addressing cancellation concerns, the new regulations also address another pressing issue faced by commuters – late arrivals by drivers.

According to the proposed guidelines, drivers will now be subject to fines if they arrive more than 20 minutes late for pick-ups. This measure aims to improve punctuality and reliability in the ride-hailing services.

Furthermore, regional transport offices (RTOs) will be granted the authority to assess and potentially delist aggregator taxis that are deemed to be in poor condition while operating on the road. This step is pivotal in ensuring the safety and quality of vehicles used by these platforms.

The recommendations, meticulously crafted by a six-member committee led by retired bureaucrat Sudhirkumar Shrivastava, are on the verge of being presented to the state government for approval. Additionally, RTO officials may be granted the power to revoke vehicle access based on health and overall condition, further emphasizing the commitment to maintaining high standards in the ride-hailing industry.

With these new rules on the horizon, commuters in Maharashtra can look forward to a more reliable and accountable ride-hailing experience, addressing their long-standing grievances and improving the overall quality of service provided by OLA and Uber drivers.