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Pune : The retail traders in Pune city have reported a surge in onion prices, with rates ranging from ₹45 to ₹50 per kg.

This increase in prices can be attributed to a decrease in supply and a rise in demand, which has been observed across the state over the past two weeks. In the first week of October, onions were sold at ₹20 to ₹25 per kg, but as of Thursday, the prices had risen to ₹40 per kg.

The wholesale cost of onions at India’s largest market Lasalgaon Agricultural Produce Market Committee in Nashik has increased by 58% in the past 15 days, as reported by farmers. This surge is primarily attributed to a decrease in the total sown area in the state, resulting from less rainfall.

According to traders, the rates of onion have been continuously increasing in the Market Yard Pune, with the per quintal rate reaching ₹3,000. As a result, the rates in the retail market have also increased. This week, the per kg onion in the retail and vegetable markets of the city was between ₹40 to ₹50 per kg.