Over 20 Cadets of Pune NCC Join Indian Armed Forces

Over 20 Cadets of Pune NCC Join Indian Armed Forces

Over 20 Cadets of Pune NCC Join Indian Armed Forces (Image for representational purpose only)

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Pune : Twenty cadets from the Pune group headquarters of the National Cadet Corps (NCC), wherein 3 Air Squadron, have enlisted as officers, six of whom are girls.

Over the past 15 months, another 18 candidates have passed the Services Selection Board (SSB) interviews, and NCC officials stated that they are now awaiting the announcement of the final merit list.

According to the officials, this is a noteworthy accomplishment because on average, cadets from the NCC enlisted as officers in the armed forces.

According to the squadron’s commanding officer, SSB is viewed as a barrier for cadets hoping to join the military. We have begun to give this more attention. Classes extensively practice building students’ confidence, preparing them to respond succinctly and precisely, and helping them keep their composure when faced with challenging questions.

The officer went on to say that they have put a lot of effort into modeling SSB interview scenarios in the classroom. As a result, the cadets could act in interviews with ease. This has had a significant impact, much like winning or losing a sporting event. 

Out of the twenty cadets, nine have enrolled in the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, six have enrolled in the Air Force Training Academy in Dundigal, four have enrolled in the Indian Naval Academy in Kannur, and one has enrolled in the Indian Coast Guard in Mumbai.

Shreyas Vange

(Source – TOI)