Pimple Saudagar Woman Files FIR Alleging Physical Abuse and Blackmail in Yerwada Police Station

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A distressing incident involving allegations of physical abuse, coercion, and blackmail has prompted Yerawada Police to initiate an investigation into a case filed by a woman from Pimple Saudagar against a man hailing from Chandan Nagar. The formal FIR was registered on August 27th, detailing a series of harrowing events that unfolded.

Balkrushna Kadam, the Police Inspector at Yerawada Police Station, shed light on the case, stating, “The accused is believed to have manipulated the situation, luring the woman from Pimple Saudagar to attend a gathering in the Viman Nagar area, during which he pressured her into consuming alcohol. Subsequently, when the woman became intoxicated and fell ill, the accused transported her to a hotel, where he subjected her to physical abuse. The accused’s actions escalated as he captured explicit photographs of the victim, engaging in repeated acts of rape and exploiting the images to coerce her into silence.”

Kadam further revealed that the police were alerted to this distressing episode when the woman from Pimple Saudagar bravely chose to step forward and file a comprehensive complaint with the Yerawada Police Station, recounting her harrowing experience.

While it may initially appear that the woman was complicit in her involvement, the Yerawada Police are meticulously examining the case under the purview of relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

Shreyas Vange