PMC has ample stock of Covaxin vaccine

Civic authority appeals citizens to get the ‘precautionary’ vaccine dose, says

Mrunal Jadhav

Pune: Reports of rising COVID cases in China have put India on an alert mode. In lieu of this, the Pune Municipal Corporation has assured that enough storage of vaccines is available with them. The health authorities at PMC have also appealed to residents to get their booster dose.

Speaking about this, Dr Suryakant Deokar, Immunisation officer, PMC said, “We have enough storage of Covaxin which will last for the month of January. Covaxin is available for first, second doses and booster doses. PMC does not have the stock of the Covishield vaccine as the State Government is not supplying, but we demanded for the Covishield and Corbevax vaccine as well.

“According to the data, 100% of people have taken their first dose while 98% have taken their second dose. But citizens are not positively responding to the booster dose.”

Dr Suryakant Deokar appealed to citizens to take booster doses as precaution.

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