Struggle for proper road continues for Bakori road residents in Wagholi

Over 10,000 residents living on Bakori road in Wagholi have to struggle to reach to their homes through poor access road. The struggle for road, water supply and other basic amenities, continues for the residents. The Wagholi village was merged in Pune Municipal Corporation limits in 2021 but since then there has been no improvement in the area with regards to amenities.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Bakori Road Residents Group member Anil Mishra said, “There are about 100 societies on Bakori road and more than 10,000 people live here. Our struggle starts with poor access road, water supply and other amenities. We were happy when Wagholi was merged in PMC but soon our happiness fizzled when PMC only set up a tax collection center in our area. They have been only collecting taxes but there is nothing in return we have received. ”

The residents complained that neither PMC nor Gram Panchayat has been able to offer anything to us despite paying high taxes.

Another resident of Neo City on Bakori road in Wagholi complained that there are 10,000 residents who are suffering everyday. Even after being in PMC since last 17 months there has been no development. If PMC or any other local government body should not have allowed any construction in the area. The road stretch is of approximately 2 to 3 kilometres which needs to be built and is not a difficult task for PMC or Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority.”

Pandey further stated that our voice has been raised by the local MLA Ashok Pawar in the Legislative Assembly today. We are hoping that some action is taken on our complaints.

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