Popularity of Salman Khan Not Fully Utilized in ‘Tiger 3’

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Popularity of Salman Khan Not Fully Utilized in ‘Tiger 3’ - Pune Pulse

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In the newest installment of the action franchise, Tiger 3, Salman Khan plays the role of Tiger, who has been recharged, refreshed, and rejuvenated with greater strength, force, and power.

As per further information, with its exaggerated action, respectable acting, surprising turns, and compelling screenplay, it keeps people from blinking. The director skillfully combines all the components to create a compelling visual experience. But even after this power packed film, many felt that Salman Khan’s talent wasn’t fully utilised in the film. 

Some Key Points about Tiger 3:

·         Tiger 3’s story and overall plot are quite complex, with new developments waiting to happen every few minutes, but the uneven pacing is still an issue. It’s very unimpressive, especially in the first half, with nothing particularly remarkable.

·         The second half picks up steam with some excellent hand-to-hand fighting and unrealistic yet incredibly well-choreographed action scenes. Audience doesn’t complain because there are plenty of moments worthy of a whistle.

·         One cliché that Tiger 3 doesn’t downplay is the amount of heartfelt patriotism present on both the Indian and Pakistani sides. A very moving scene occurred when, in a completely unexpected turn of events, India’s National Anthem was played, and everyone in the theater stood up in unison.

·         Tiger 3 is one of many movies centered around Indo-Pak animosity that aims to create an idealized picture of the rival countries in an effort to start peace negotiations and put an end to the pervasive fear of war.

·         There aren’t any preachy monologues about the same, and the storyline has been retained to appeal to a broad audience of people who are primarily interested in seeing cheesy action on screen and don’t give a damn about anything else.

Overall, Tiger 3 is a big, masala film that the audience must see. Alternatively, allow your Tiger fever to take hold while you witness some impressive long jumps and the hero diving straight for the helicopter rather than making a safe landing. After all, what fun is it to watch high-octane action if it’s not risky? Go ahead and enjoy Tiger 3 in 2D, 3D & 4D on the big screen. After the closing credits and the last song, kick back for a while because there’s a huge surprise in store for which the audience won’t be disappointed.

Shreyas Vange