Pune City Police working on fear-free working environment in the city

Pune: Pune City Police conducted a meeting with industries, companies and traders on January 24 to ensure a fear-free working environment in the city. 

The meeting was chaired by Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar in the presence of Joint Police Commissioner Sandeep Karnik to discuss the issues faced by working people. At least 130 representatives of various companies were present. 

In the meeting, the issues related to money extortion from businesses through criminal gangs, Setting up of Vishakha committee for safety of working women, transportation problems and complaints about government departments were discussed. 

Police Commissioner Retesh Kumar informed the representatives to contact the Deputy Police Commissioner of the zone concerned if they have any problem and also shared the contact numbers of Deputy Commissioners. He also assured them that an appropriate step will be taken in improving the traffic problem by  directing the Deputy Commissioner of the traffic department to increase the number of traffic wardens. 

He also said that if anyone is harassing companies in the name of leaders, strict action will be taken against the perpetrators of such crime. 

Joint Police Commissioner Sandeep Karnik said that if the complainant is worried about filing a complaint, he should meet the senior officer and file a complaint anonymously.  

Rajesh Mate, an office-bearer of the Mathadi Hamal and Other Manual Workers Board, Market Yard, Pune informed about the provisions of Mathadi Labor Act and shared his contact details during the meeting and encouraged the companies to file complaints, if need be.   

Mrunal Jadhav 

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