Pune : Haveli Police Cracks Down on 16 Heavy Vehicles Violating Rules on Kirkatwadi Nandoshi Road

pune pulse-Pune : Haveli Police Cracks Down on 16 Heavy Vehicles Violating Rules on Kirkatwadi Nandoshi Road

Pune : Haveli Police Cracks Down on 16 Heavy Vehicles Violating Rules on Kirkatwadi Nandoshi Road

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By: Pune Pulse

September 19, 2023

Pune: In a significant development, the long-awaited enforcement of an order issued by the Pune district collector five years ago to regulate heavy traffic on the Kirkatwadi-Nandoshi road during specific hours in the morning and evening has finally commenced.

The Haveli police have taken strict measures against sixteen heavy dump trucks that were found to violate this order. 

The Haveli Police initiated this action following mounting concerns within the Kirkatwadi community regarding the incessant heavy traffic plaguing their locality. 

As per information, the main square of Kirkatwadi village bore witness to substantial traffic congestion during the morning and evening rush hours daily. 

This traffic bottleneck resulted in considerable inconvenience for students, parents, residents, and workers alike. 

Such was the severity of the situation that pedestrians were forced to navigate through the narrow spaces between the vehicles, often resorting to walking along the edges of the road itself. 

Interestingly, in 2018, the then District Collector had issued orders to restrict heavy traffic on this particular route until 11 a.m. and after 5 p.m., aiming to alleviate the residents’ distress. 

It was the diligent reporting by Pune Pulse that brought to light the apparent negligence of the police administration in enforcing this crucial order.

Subsequently, action was taken against the dumper trucks that had been flouting these regulations. 

Member of Parliament Supriya Sule also pressed for action from the Collector and the Superintendent of Police, citing the severe inconveniences faced by the citizens. 

It came to light that a significant number of heavy-dumper truck drivers were operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol, with some lacking valid driver’s licenses. 

Furthermore, these oversized vehicles continued to ply the road even during nighttime hours.

In light of several accidents on the Kirkatwadi-Nandoshi road involving dump trucks, citizens have demanded thorough investigations into the conduct of dumper drivers and the implementation of stringent actions. 

In response to the escalating concerns, police personnel have been deployed during the morning and evening hours, and they are actively taking measures against violators of the regulations. 

As of now, sixteen dump trucks have faced penalties, and this enforcement is set to continue in the future. 

Speaking on the matter to Pune Pulse, Sachin Wangde, Police Inspector at Haveli Police Station, Pune Rural, emphasized, “Henceforth, action will be taken continuously to ensure the safety and convenience of our citizens. Action against 16 dumpers was taken two days ago for violating rules.”