Pune News : 12 drone cameras to keep an eye on 12 Maharashtra prisons

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Pune: The Maharashtra prison department has announced plans to bolster security in 12 prisons across the state by introducing drones equipped with cameras. The drones will initially be deployed in 8 central prisons, 2 district prisons, and 2 open prisons. The move is aimed at closely monitoring all activities within the prisons to ensure heightened security.

Amitabh Gupta, Additional Director General of Prisons, Maharashtra state, stated that 12 drone cameras have been purchased for this purpose. He emphasized that this is not an experimental initiative, but rather a practical implementation with the goal of training personnel and utilizing the drones effectively. The recordings obtained from the drones are expected to have a salutary impact on monitoring activities within the prisons, including areas where human eyes cannot easily reach.

Jatin Patel, Director of Enercomp Solutions Private Limited, which supplied the drones, highlighted the advantages of using drones for surveillance in prison settings. He explained that drones can cover large areas and operate 24/7, eliminating the need for continuous human presence. The drones are equipped with cameras capable of recording videos even during night-time, and they have an endurance of 35 minutes with the ability to change batteries. They can fly up to 10-15 kilometers and reach heights of 100 meters, providing detailed coverage of the prison premises.

Currently, the prison staff are undergoing training on operating the drones, and they are expected to be deployed for security purposes in the near future. The introduction of drones is expected to significantly enhance security measures in the Maharashtra prisons and improve the monitoring of activities within the facilities.

Mrunal Jadhav 

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