Pune News : FDA inspects sweets ahead of Diwali

Pune News : FDA inspects sweets ahead of Diwali

Pune News : FDA inspects sweets ahead of Diwali - Pune Pulse(representable image)

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By: Pune Pulse

November 7, 2023

Pune: The FDA will start a new initiative this year to inspect confectioneries and other food items given out during the Diwali festival to ensure their safe preparation and distribution.

Additionally, FDA officials have launched a campaign in Pune to examine adulteration and inspect food business operators (FBOs) selling sweets. Special drives will be carried out in the Pune district to ensure the safety and purity of the sweets and food given out by non-government organizations (NGOs), private organizations, and political and other groups to the underprivileged and needy during Diwali.

As per the information provided, the purity of the food items will be checked during these drives. The importance of ensuring the safety and purity of these food items for all consumers. The public’s health and safety are of utmost importance, so all food items must comply with food safety regulations and hygiene standards.

NGOs and organizations are advised to source their food items from registered food vendors to ensure compliance. Even free sweets distributed during festivals will now be subject to examination by officials in addition to FBOs. A dedicated initiative was launched on Monday to inspect Food Business Operators (FBOs) in the city, considering the increased demand for sweets during the Diwali festival. During this drive, particular emphasis will be placed on scrutinizing items such as ghee, rawa, khawa, oil, pulse flour, and other products that are highly sought after during the festive season.

Any suspicious samples of raw materials and sweets will be sent to the laboratory for a thorough examination to detect any adulteration. Shopkeepers have been strongly urged to maintain a hygienic environment and strictly prohibit the use of adulterants. Citizens can report the discovery of substandard confectionery by using the toll-free hotline at 1800222356.