Pune News: Sakal Jain Samaj protests against murder of Jain Sage Kumar Nandi

Pune pulse
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Pune, July 20, 2023

Sakal Jain Samaj organized a massive protest outside Pune District Collector Office due to the brutal murder of a Jain Sage Kam Kumar Nandi in Belagavi, Karnataka on July 20. As per information the Jain sage Kumar Nandi, sitting on the Jain pilgrimage site located on Nandi Parvat in Chikodi taluka in Belagavi district, was mercilessly murdered on July 5, 2023.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Chandrakant Patil, organizer of the protest said, ” It is beyond imagination that how can someone brutally murder a sage. We demand better security for the Jain sages across Maharashtra.” 

Shital Lohade, another organizer of the protest said,  “We follow the principles of non-violence, peace etc. If our sages are attacked & murdered like this, how shall we live in harmony in society? Hence, the security of all the Jain sages must be tightened and made better.” Lohade further informed that around 500 people participated in the protest. The protestors have demanded that: 

1. The killer of sage Nandi Kumar should be revealed as soon as possible.

2. DGP of Karnataka Police must release a video message on this tragedy.

3. The brutal murder case should be tried in a fast-track court.

4. There should be proper security arrangements for Jain saints in Maharashtra.

5. Jain Protection Board should be set up for the protection of Jainism, Jain pilgrimage and saints in Maharashtra.

Anna Patil, President, Jain Sangh Pune, said “Several of our brothers & sisters of Jain community had joined us today in the protest. We had conducted the protest due to the brutal & shocking murder of Jain sage Kam Kumar Nandi ji. We could have acted violently as well but it is not our thinking & mindset as we believe in peace & non violence. But such kinds of heinous acts are not at all acceptable for any kind of community. Not only in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad, several Jain communities from the entire country are protesting against this crime. We demand immediate action & justice as well as security for the Jain sages in the world.”

Shreyas Vange